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Psychological Services Mission: What We Do

At Madison Park Psychological Services, our mission is to design the most effective individualized treatment to help you reach optimal health and well-being. We are devoted to providing you the highest quality comprehensive psychological services.

Our approach is holistic: It considers your Body (physical condition), your Mind (thoughts and emotions) and your Spirit (the essence of who you are) to help you achieve deep healing.

For most of us, life is very stressful, leading us to have racing thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, feeling down and burdened most of the time with negative thoughts and overthinking. We are here to help relieve these symptoms and bring you back to a state of well being.

We will start with an initial consultation that will provide you with practical feedback on how you can start feeling better. We will also offer care tailored specifically to your personality and health concerns and match you with the “right” therapist for you so that you can achieve the best and fastest results.

Psychological Services

Tailored therapy based on your needs to help you achieve inner balance.

Therapy provided in English, Farsi, Greek, Lithuanian, and Korean.

Initial Consultation - Dr. Yasmine Saad

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation, you will be given a wealth of feedback to start feeling better. We will also tailor a treatment to your unique needs and match you with a therapist who is a good fit for you.


Individuals · Couples · Groups · Virtual

We offer multiple forms of therapy and multiple approaches to therapy to accommodate your needs. We offer  virtual video / tele-therapy sessions.


Psychological Assessment

We offer a comprehensive approach to psychological assessment by using evidence-based testing and focusing on you as a whole. We offer comprehensive therapeutic feedback with practical guidance to facilitate your growth.

Madison Park Testimonials & Awards

We've received more than 200 five-star reviews from our happy patients


Madison Park Psychological Services Team

We provide a supportive and compassionate team of diverse and multilingual psychologists, and we practice within a multicultural framework that honors your unique values and identities.


To book an appointment call us at 212-506-5935, or book an appointment online.

We have created a beautiful, restorative space in the heart of New York City that fuses psychological services with Western and Eastern healing traditions to help you find balance, harmony, and inner peace.


Dr. Yasmine Saad


Holistic Perspective

Our therapeutic Body-Mind-Spirit approach considers you as a whole and helps you reach deep healing

Madison Park Psychological Services

A holistic Body-Mind-Spirit approach to your psychological treatment

Our therapeutic approach considers you as a whole.

Your Mind and Body are intimately connected and are in constant communication with how fulfilled you are in your life. A happy person has a healthy Body, a clear Mind, and a Spirit that is fulfilled, meaning that life is personally satisfying.

Our assessment and therapy services are designed to integrate a Body-Mind-Spirit approach to reach deep healing.

Madison Park Psychological Services

Referrals to holistic treatments

For a full, rounded experience at the Body-Mind-Spirit level, we offer referrals to supplemental services that enhance your psychological treatment and deepens your healing

• Accupuncture
• Accupressure

*These services are not provided by Madison Park Psychological Services.

For patients who are not interested in holistic modalities and who want additional help, we offer referrals to high quality medication management.


“I highly recommend Dr. Saad and her team at Madison Park Psychological Services! I was a bit apprehensive about starting therapy though teletherapy / video sessions but Dr. Saad made it so easy from the minute I talked to her on the phone to schedule my appointment. Her initial consultation through teletherapy (video therapy) was eye opening! I learned more about myself than in my past years of therapy. I was blown away! She then matched me with a therapist at Madison Park Psychological Services whom I love. My therapist has helped me heal myself and I can say that in just 4 sessions, I am less anxious and feel so much better! I highly recommend you reach out to this practice and try teletherapy. It has been so effective for me!”