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Mission Statement


Quality of tailored care that honors your unique identity

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of care so that you can transform your life. We believe that treatment is successful when tailored to who you are and what you are going through.
We serve patients from diverse cultures, religions, race, and gender identities. Our team is multicultural and has an extensive range of expertise and therapeutic approaches to match your needs. The result is highly effective treatment in a short amount of time.

Holistic care that takes care of your physical, emotional, and mental health

Our thoughts, emotions, and physical ailments are connected at a deep level. They influence each other so you are better served if we take care of all of them together to provide lasting change. We uncover, connect and untangle them (UCU), resulting in a process where “You see You”. This enhances your ability to take care of You.

Transform your muddy waters into a blossoming lotus flower

We believe that all our ailments are meant to be transformed and that the end result is an improved version of you. Each negative thought, emotion, or relationship is calling your attention and pushes you to seek help to build an inner capacity to transform them so that you can have a better and happier future.
Look at the lotus flower, it transforms its muddy, dirty water to blossom into a gorgeous flower that is in sync with nature’s cycle, opening during the day and closing at night. Let’s follow its lead and transform the hardship you face so that you can blossom.

Reveal the essence of YOU

We are here to help you discover the essence of who you are and unlock the doors to your potential. We focus on revealing and acknowledging your inner strengths and talents and transforming them into inner wisdom. They will serve as your guide and help as you waver the uncertainty and difficulties of life.

Live in a world of supportive people

Supportive relationships are essential to your well-being. We help you surround yourself with like-minded people and connect to the growth opportunity that lies within difficult relationships. If harnessed correctly, these “negative relationships” can elevate you to a place where you grow whether in positive or difficult relationships.

We are honored to support you in your journey towards building a happy, growth-promoting, and balanced life.


Madison Park Psychological Services Team

We provide a supportive and compassionate team of diverse and multilingual psychologists, and we practice within a multicultural framework that honors your unique values and identities.


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