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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in NYC

Our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are all interconnected.

Think of your favorite movie. Thoughts about this particular film might spark feelings of joy and happiness, leading you to watch it ever so often (behavior). So, what happens when you perceive certain things, people, or environments as unpleasant? You may want to avoid them to steer clear of unhappy thoughts and reactions. As we grow older, we might begin to default to specific ideas, emotions, and behaviors. And while some of them become effective habits, others might turn into unhelpful patterns, impacting various aspects of our life. You may suffer from increased stress or anxiety. Perhaps you get easily irritable or struggle with overwhelming emotions. Or maybe you are desperate to break free from harmful lines of thinking, feeling, or acting that keep you from reaching your goals. If you or your loved ones feel stuck or are looking for a way out of these damaging cycles, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT can help. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (or CBT) is an evidence based form of psychotherapy, which means it’s backed by a wealth of research and proven to be effective at addressing many psychological issues. CBT is primarily focused on how your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors affect one another. The purpose is to provide you with practical solutions to reduce your symptoms, shift unhealthy patterns, and create lasting change. Here at Madison Park Psychological Services, we provide CBT therapy to teens and adults living in NYC. Ready to get started? Contact us to book a CBT therapy appointment today!


Do You Need CBT Therapy?

Whether you experience distress, dysfunction, or dissatisfaction with life, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy can help. CBT is a short-term and effective treatment method designed to help people who are suffering from a wide range of problems.
Some common issues treated by CBT include:

Adults, teens, and children can all enjoy the benefits of CBT. If you or someone in your family are suffering from the above challenges, CBT might be an excellent option to consider. CBT therapy can also make a difference if you want to explore yourself or learn how to deal with daily difficulties.


CBT Therapy Procedure & Techniques

CBT therapy is based on the principle that our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors impact one another, defining how we think, feel, and act in a particular situation. The idea is to unlearn and shift unhelpful patterns for a healthier life. But how does it work? First, you will meet with a CBT therapist to discuss what’s troubling you and the goals you want to achieve. As therapy progresses, you will start identifying distorted lines of thinking (or cognitive distortions) that may contribute to those difficult feelings and behaviors—for example, catastrophizing, jumping to conclusions, and black or white thinking. With your therapist’s support, you will learn strategies to challenge and replace those negative or irrational thoughts with helpful or realistic ones. This, in turn, will change behavioral patterns and ease the symptoms that might be causing distress. You will also gain coping skills and develop new routines to prepare you for the challenges ahead.


What to Expect From CBT Therapy

CBT is a structured form of therapy that offers rapid yet significant long-term results. CBT treatments can be administered in individual therapy or group therapy.
Some of the benefits of CBT therapy include:

  • Establishing specific and attainable goals
  • Recognizing and reframing unhelpful thoughts and behaviors
  • Building new habits
  • Feeling empowered and motivated
  • Finding purpose and direction
  • Gaining useful coping skills
  • Making meaningful changes to your life

Here at Madison Park Psychological Services, we offer various behavioral therapy modalities, including CBT. In your initial consultation, we will chat about your problems, symptoms, and goals. We’ll walk you through our therapeutic process, answer your questions, and pair you up with the best CBT therapist for you. Our team of experienced CBT therapists will provide treatment tailored to your unique situation, which may include homework assignments and techniques such as:

  • Journaling
  • Role-playing activities
  • Problem-solving exercises
  • Relaxation practices
  • Constructive self-talk
  • Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)
  • And more!

CBT is a collaborative and action-oriented process. Together, we will find the tools and strategies that better suit you, your values, and your cultural background. We will encourage you to practice what you learn in your everyday life. During CBT therapy sessions, you may also explore distressing thoughts, emotions, or situations that could be uncomfortable. Our therapists will be there to guide you and support you throughout your healing journey.


Booking an Appointment for CBT Therapy NYC

At Madison Park Psychological Services, we provide different therapeutic services to teens and adults in NYC. We offer teletherapy CBT therapy sessions. You are worthy of a happier and healthier life. Let’s make the necessary changes to get you there. Book a CBT appointment or call us at 212-506-5935 to get started.


Cognitive Therapy FAQs

Does insurance cover CBT therapy?

We are an out-of-network provider. If you have out-of-network behavioral health benefits, your health insurance will cover CBT therapy in full or in part. Once you meet your deductible, your insurance will typically reimburse a percentage of what they consider a reasonable rate. Most insurance providers cover 60% to 80% of that rate. Since the rate might differ from our service fees, please check your out-of-network plan to confirm the exact coverage. We also offer lower fees if you don’t have enough coverage or need to pay out of pocket. Contact us for more information.

How long should CBT therapy last? How long does CBT therapy take to work?

CBT therapy is a short-term approach, lasting between five to 20 sessions. However, the length of treatment can vary depending on your particular situation, symptoms, progress, and support system. While some people see results in six sessions, others might need 10 or more. Your CBT therapist will work with you to determine how long therapy might last to help you reach your goals. Follow-up sessions could also be necessary.

Why is CBT the best therapy?

CBT is widely considered one of the best forms of psychotherapy available, though it isn’t a miracle remedy for everything. Good therapy is all about the fit between client and clinician, and not every clinician uses CBT. However, here at Madison Park Psychological Services, most of our therapists use CBT in their work. Why is that? It’s because CBT therapy is considered the gold standard treatment for many mental health conditions, including anxiety disorders, such as social anxiety and panic attacks, depression, PTSD, and relationship issues. CBT has been extensively researched. Scientific evidence suggests it can certainly create change and improve quality of life. While it is not designed to cure conditions, it empowers individuals with the tools to navigate them and carry on with a healthier path.
CBT can be beneficial mainly because it is:

  • Time-limited
  • Structured
  • Goal-oriented
  • Problem-focused
  • Centered on providing practical strategies and coping skills

Can you do CBT without a therapist?

Yes, there are several CBT self-help books, guides, courses, and online resources available. These tools represent an affordable and accessible option. Yet, they might be more powerful when combined with the support of a CBT therapist.

How much does CBT therapy cost?

CBT therapy costs the same as any other therapy session. If you have questions about our CBT therapists and their rates, please contact us! We would love to hear from you.

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