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Individual Therapy in NYC


Life is such a precious journey.  It provides the opportunity to connect, learn, love, and grow.

Yet, we may face many setbacks and challenges along the way.  We might struggle with soaring stress at work, increasing difficulties at school, or family turmoil at home.  We may also traverse life-changing events that wound us to the core. While sometimes we can navigate hardship and move on, other times we find ourselves filled with self-doubt, loneliness, and frustration.  Maybe we think there’s no turning point, or we give up hope for the future. No matter how lost and defeated you might feel right now, please know things can get better. 

Whether you struggle with depression, anxiety, anger, relationship conflicts, or any other problems affecting your quality of life, you have the power to create change. But you don’t have to do it alone.  Individual therapy can help you regain hope and purpose. At Madison Park Psychological Services, we offer individual therapy and other services to support teens and adults in NYC and its neighboring areas.  If you are suffering or looking to get to know yourself on a deeper level, we are here for you. Contact us or keep reading to learn more about individual therapy and how it can help you!

Do You Need Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy,
talk therapy, or counseling is the gold-standard treatment for mental, emotional, and behavioral issues.  It is also an effective avenue to gain insight into your fears, aspirations, and values. While in treatment, you will meet with a psychologist to discuss your concerns and learn evidence-based coping strategies.
Individual therapy can address a wide range of psychological challenges, including: 

  • Anger management issues
  • Disordered eating or eating disorders
  • Excessive worry or anxious thoughts
  • Irritability or mood swings
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Major events, transitions, or losses
  • Loneliness or withdrawal from others
  • Relationship problems with family, friends, colleagues, or romantic partners
  • Risky thoughts or behaviors
  • Stress
  • Trouble sleeping

If any of these difficulties impact your capacity to study, work, and relish your life, or if they interfere with any of your daily functions, individual therapy can help. Yet, you don’t need to struggle with any of these symptoms to reap the benefits of therapy.  Your counselor can lead you on a path of discovery to get to know your authentic self, identify your talents, and adopt tools to evolve.

Individual Therapy Procedure & Techniques

Here at Madison Park Psychological Services, we blend eastern and western psychology approaches to help you achieve inner balance.
Our individual therapy process involves three steps:

1. Consultation

We offer two options: a brief phone call or a thorough online consultation to meet you, understand your concerns, and answer questions.  During the extended consultation, we provide you with information about your symptoms, where they might be stemming from, and potential resources to find relief.
Some of the psychotherapy modalities available in individual therapy include:

If you don’t know which one is the right method for your situation, don’t worry.  We will recommend the best modality (or modalities) and therapist for you to reach long-lasting healing. 

2. Treatment

You will meet regularly with one of our therapists to address your difficulties, uncover what’s underneath them, and get practical solutions. If you seek therapy to expand your personal growth instead of handling specific problems, your therapist can help you find answers and lead a more fulfilling life.

3. Monitoring and Adjustment

Complex emotions and overwhelming thoughts may arise as you go through therapy.  You might even question if the process is working or consider quitting before things get better. We will be there for you, especially if the road gets harder.  Our therapists will personalize treatment to your needs and what comes up during sessions, monitoring your progress and making adjustments accordingly. Together, we will determine when treatment is complete or if follow-up sessions are appropriate.  And if necessary, we will offer referrals to other wellness services to further support you.

What to Expect From Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can help you:

  • Ease distressing symptoms
  • Foster awareness and purpose
  • Explore and learn more about yourself
  • Identify limiting and unhelpful thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
  • Make necessary shifts 
  • Develop self-compassion and motivation
  • Improve your relationships
  • Adopt new coping skills

At Madison Park Psychological Services, we offer individual therapy, along with couples therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.  We also provide psychological assessments to evaluate your functioning.  Our team of licensed therapists is prepared to address numerous symptoms and specializes in various therapeutic approaches. Our mission is to empower you with tools and resources to improve your well-being and accomplish your life goals.


Virtual or Online Individual Therapy NYC

Virtual or online therapy allows you to enjoy the benefits of treatment from the comfort of your home or a different location. Our teletherapy service starts with a consultation to assess your needs and explain our process. 

Booking an Appointment for Individual Therapy

We have a broad range of therapeutic services to support your health and wellness. If you or your loved ones are struggling to find ease or looking to discover themselves, we can help. Schedule an appointment or call 212-506-5935 to get started!


Individual Therapy FAQs


Can individual therapy help a marriage?

Individual therapy can help you address personal issues that might be affecting your marriage or any other relationship.  For instance, it can broaden your perspective, pinpoint any behaviors causing problems with your partner, and encourage awareness to make decisions aligned with your relationship values.

Does insurance cover individual therapy?

If you have out-of-network coverage for behavioral health services, your insurance might cover individual therapy (fully or partially).  Check your out-of-network details to verify the services covered by your insurance plan. We also offer lower rates if you don’t have enough coverage or need to pay out of pocket.

What are the types of individual therapy?

Your therapist will follow specific therapy orientations during individual therapy, depending on their specialty and your mental health condition.  Some therapists might also combine various modalities to deliver the best treatment for your needs. Common types of individual therapy include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), psychodynamic therapy, and more. 

How long does individual therapy last?

Treatment length varies depending on your mental health state and progress in therapy.  Some people may take longer to open up, dig deep, and access certain parts of themselves to allow for healing to happen.  Others might only require a few sessions to see transformative results. We will collaborate with you to determine the length and frequency of your visits for the best possible outcome.

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