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Dr. Yasmine Saad

Founder and Director of Psychological Services


Thank you for your interest in joining our team at Madison Park Psychological Services!

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Madison Park Psychological Services is a community of multicultural psychologists, with diverse expertise and therapeutic approaches. We collaborate to deliver the highest quality care to our patients. Our treatments honor the unique values, culture and identities of our patients. We believe that our job as therapists is to help our patients discover the essence of who they are and unlock the doors to their potential. We focus on our patients’ innate strengths and inner wisdom.
To better understand the next three pillars of our practice, let’s take a look at our logo.


The concept of balance and being who you are in the room with patients is the foundation of our practice. The yin and yang symbol at the center of the logo is the foundation of our mission: a balanced being is essential for you to reach your goals and lay the ground to a solid foundation for our practice. It entails the balance between your personal and professional development. This balance is constantly recreated and is symbolized by the movement of the yin and yang symbol.


The journey of the lotus flower reminds us that it is by transforming our muddy waters that we get to blossom as a flower and be in sync with nature by opening during the day and closing at night. For us psychologists, it is also about transforming the muddy waters of our transference/countertransference and our patients’ pain into blossoming lotus flowers. This process leads you to radiate light outwards, shining onto your patients and your colleagues


Psychologists are seen in our logo holding hands in a circle in sign of support for each other. When we come together in community, moving in harmony and supporting each other, we reach higher personal and professional grounds. Together, we build a community of growth, health and wellbeing for us and our patients.

We are honored to support you in your journey towards building a happy, growth-promoting, and balanced professional life.

OF Multicultural THERAPISTS


We invite you to email us your CV to get access to our clinicians’ page.