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Your Relationship Deserves Support

Are you and your partner feeling disconnected lately? Does it seem like you are not seeing eye to eye anymore? Are there any barriers blocking your ability to trust or be intimate with one another? Whether your relationship is suffering because of conflict, infidelity, or abuse, or whether you are simply looking to rekindle the flame, couples therapy can help.

Healthy relationships flow with ease despite the difficulties that may arise. If that’s not what you are experiencing, take it as a sign that your relationship might need rebalancing. Couple therapy has supported many couples in confronting, addressing, and overcoming challenges that come their way.

Here at Madison Park Psychological Services, we offer couple therapy and other psychological treatments to the NYC community. Our holistic approach views you as a whole, considering your Body, Mind, and Spirit to facilitate your healing journey. You don’t have to keep struggling, feeling misunderstood, or upset by your behavior or your partner’s actions. There is a way, and you both deserve a chance to find it. We can help you navigate your path to a healthier life. If you want to know more contact our offices today or keep reading to learn about how we serve people through couples therapy in NYC.


What Is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy (or couples counseling) is the gold standard psychological treatment for relationship issues. Couple therapy involves confidential sessions where you and your loved one will have the opportunity to gain insight, hear and learn from each other—all with your therapist’s support and guidance. The goal is to have you both act as a team to work through your difficulties and find a way to move forward. Many couples feel anxious about trying couple therapy because of the stigma. What does this mean about my relationship? Are we not a happy couple anymore? What will my partner think when I say we should do marriage counseling? Some people try to tell themselves they don’t need help, that things are “fine.” And sometimes, one partner blames the other and believes that their issues are a one-way street.
Regardless of your situation, cultural background, or relationship status, you and your partner can benefit from couples therapy sessions to:

  • Access difficult thoughts and emotions
  • Gain skills and tools for effective communication
  • Open up, listen with patience, and intention
  • Help you see, understand and respect each other
  • Identify and address conflicts
  • Discover underlying implications of obstacles
  • Learn tactics to enhance your relationship
  • Shift unhealthy habits to healthier and sustainable dynamics
  • Revitalize your bond with your loved one

Couples therapy can help you and your partner in every phase of your relationship—at the early stages, before getting married (pre-marital therapy), or after marriage (post-marital therapy or marriage counseling). No matter where you are in your relationship, you don’t have to wait and hope that things will get better. Take action today, and let our experts help make your bond stronger.


How Do I Know if I Need Couples Therapy?

Your relationship doesn’t have to be in crisis for therapy to make a difference. Perhaps your relationship only needs a boost, a chance to reconnect and flourish. The truth is, every relationship can benefit from couples therapy. We all have space to grow and can lay the groundwork to prepare for challenges that may come our way.
But, if you or your loved one are struggling with any of the following relationship issues, couples therapy is advised:

  • Frequent fights or conflicts
  • Infidelity, trust, or commitment issues
  • Difficult or problematic communication
  • Trouble with sex life or intimacy
  • Disagreements or strain over finances
  • Feeling disconnected or misunderstood
  • Complications with relatives (i.e., in-laws) and friends
  • Problems related to raising children, parenting styles, and other family stressors
  • Differences in beliefs and decision-making
  • Major life changes
  • Abuse or violent behavior*

*Your safety and well-being are our priority. If you are currently in a violent or abusive relationship that makes you feel unsafe, contact the domestic violence hotline (1.800.799.7233) or find other resources herePlease know that you and your partner are not alone. Couple therapy can help with the above and many more issues. If you are ready to take a step toward healing, talk to your partner and book your first appointment today.


How Can Couples Therapy Help?

As couple therapists, our mission is to help your relationship improve, grow, and become self-sustaining. We also recognize that some relationships aren’t meant to be—in which case, we are here to provide you with guidance to come to a mutual understanding on how to part ways, if necessary. Couple therapy starts with exploring your relationship, background, and values. Your couples counselor will help you and your partner identify the issues at hand and desired goals, tailoring treatment to your needs. Your therapist is there to support you both in developing skills and implementing tools to address those challenges.
Effective couple therapy is all about recovering your shared sense of trust, bolstering your connection, and fostering healthier communication:

  • Trust is the foundation of healthy relationships. It involves commitment, safety, and reliability. When there’s a breach of trust, that foundation cracks, resulting in instability and insecurity. Couple therapy can help you work through your trust problems so you can rebuild a solid footing and move forward.
  • Connection implies physical and emotional intimacy. Connected partners feel drawn to each other and are comfortable with being vulnerable. A lack of connection can translate into being distant, having less interest in your sex life or affection in general. Couple therapy can bring you together to reconnect and tune into one another.
  • Communication strengthens couples’ trust and connection. Having healthy communication means being able to express your needs, listening, and respecting each other. Poor interactions may lead to frustration, feeling judged, or like your loved one doesn’t speak your language. Couple therapy can help pinpoint harmful habits and find alternative ways to communicate.


What Is Couples Therapy NYC Like at Madison Park Psychological Services?

Here at Madison Park Psychological Services, we focus on providing tailored treatments to help the NYC community achieve balance and well-being. Our Body-Mind-Spirit approach considers each individual, their physical condition, thoughts, emotions, and essence. We integrate Eastern perspectives into Western psychology. Our multicultural team has a wealth of experience in various modalities such as Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Interpersonal Therapy, Mindfulness-based methods, among many others. During your initial consultation, we will get to know you and your partner and set the basis for treatment. We will work together to identify the right therapist and suitable method that honors your unique values, personality, and concerns to reach your wellness goals. We offer teletherapy sessions to accommodate your needs. And if desired, you may opt for more than one modality of treatment. You and your partner deserve a chance to heal. Book a couple therapy appointment or contact us today at 212-506-5935. We are here to help you build your path to a healthier and happier life. All you have to do is reach out and get started.

At Madison Park Psychological Services, we provide group therapy, along with individual therapy, family therapy, and psychological assessments. Our team of mental health professionals has a wealth of experience in different therapy approaches, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Interpersonal Therapy, Relational Therapy, and more. Our goal is to tailor treatment to your needs so you can find ease and achieve lasting results.

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