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We thrive when we are in relationships.

Having fulfilling connections and a stable social foundation can help us feel seen, understood, and accepted—like we truly belong in this world. So, when our interactions and social environment are disrupted in some way, our emotional and mental health might suffer. Maybe you and your partner are drifting away.  Perhaps your family dynamics make you anxious, or the tension in your workplace pushes your stress levels through the roof. If you find it challenging to maintain relationships with romantic partners, family members, friends, and colleagues, or if you feel unworthy and disconnected, relational therapy can help. Relational therapy (also known as relational-cultural therapy) aims to support your well-being by discovering healthier ways to relate to others. At Madison Park Psychological Services, we offer therapy services tailored to your needs to help you achieve inner balance.  Our staff of licensed psychologists is trained in various modalities, including relational therapy.
You deserve nurturing bonds with those who are near and dear to you.  Let’s work together to make that happen! If you are curious about relational therapy or interested in booking an appointment, contact us. 


Do You Need Relational Therapy?

Relational therapy centers on exploring your experiences, relationships, social framework, and unconscious thoughts to uncover how they have shaped your relational self. This method is rooted in psychodynamic and psychoanalytic theories, emphasizing the importance of the client-therapist relationship.
Some of the common challenges addressed with relational therapy include:

Whether you are struggling with any of the above issues or looking to find freedom from damaging relationship patterns, consider trying relational therapy. This treatment can also provide valuable insight into yourself to help you navigate your emotions and foster stronger connections in the future.


Relational Therapy Procedure & Techniques

Relational therapy regards healthy relationships as the key to our well-being, thus associating our suffering with relational and socio-cultural challenges. This therapeutic approach focuses on five main areas:


Relational therapy examines how you relate to people and whether those efforts are working or not.  Your therapist will equip you with practical strategies to connect and lay the foundation for well-balanced relationships.


Meaningful and lasting bonds are based on honesty and trust.  Relational therapy will help you discover who you are and encourage you to embrace your true self when interacting with others.

Past Experiences

Your past relationships and social experiences may influence your relational perspective today and in the future.  Your therapist will help you identify unhelpful patterns and preconceptions and work with you to shift them accordingly.

Social and Cultural Context

Your therapist will also explore your socio-cultural background (e.g., race, gender identity, sexual orientation, culture, economic status, etc.) and how it might be affecting your ability to connect with others.

Therapeutic Relationship

Relational therapy leverages the bond between you and your therapist to deepen the other relationships in your life.  Your therapeutic relationship offers a safe space to collaborate and practice your learnings.  Plus, it serves as a model to follow outside of treatment.


What to Expect From Relational Therapy?

Some of the benefits of relational therapy include:

  • Gaining insight into yourself and your socio-cultural environment
  • Identifying problematic relationship patterns
  • Learning practical strategies to connect with others
  • Healing or improving existing relationships
  • Increasing self-esteem and motivation

At Madison Park Psychological Services, we offer relational therapy, among many other specialties.  Your healing journey starts with a psychological consultation where we gather information about yourself, your concerns, and your wellness goals.  Then, we connect you with the therapist and approach that meet your needs. During relational therapy, your therapist will focus on getting to know your relational self—meaning, your interpersonal strategies, how you attempt to connect with others, and how you might be alienating them.  This exploration includes discussing your family history, past and current relationships, and socio-cultural context. Your therapist will gather this insight and observe your interactions in therapy to spot patterns that might be preventing you from building healthy relationships. Together, you will work on unearthing the nature of these recurring actions and find helpful alternatives to interact with others.  This collaborative process will also allow you to practice new interpersonal skills and learn from the ongoing therapeutic relationship.


Booking an Appointment for Relational Therapy NYC

Here at Madison Park Psychological Services, we provide a wide range of therapy services to teens and adults in NYC through teletherapy. We are here to help you foster long-lasting relationships for a fulfilling life! Call us at 212-506-5935 or book an appointment to get started.


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Relational Therapy FAQs

What is a relational approach in therapy?

The relational approach focuses on exploring your interaction patterns and socio-cultural environment to understand how they might be affecting your relationships and quality of life.  This modality associates mental and emotional stability with the capacity to maintain healthy relationships.

Does relational therapy work?

Relational therapy is an effective treatment that draws from other evidence-based modalities to address depression, low self-esteem, relationship conflicts, and many other challenges. This form of therapy is particularly effective because it helps people shift unhealthy relational patterns, learn essential and advanced interpersonal skills, and practice with a licensed professional. If you are uncertain whether relational therapy is appropriate for you, please contact us.  We will provide the therapeutic method that better suits you.

How long does relational therapy take?

Relational therapy is an open-ended, long-term approach that varies in length and frequency.  The time it takes to complete therapy depends on your specific symptoms, situation, and progress.  You will likely meet once a week with your therapist until treatment is completed, though we can accommodate to your schedule and meet more or less often if need be.

Does insurance cover relational therapy?

We are an out-of-network provider.  If you have out-of-network coverage for behavioral health services, your insurance will cover relational therapy in full or in part.  Check your out-of-network plan to confirm your exact coverage. We also offer lower fees if you don’t have enough coverage or need to pay out of pocket.  Visit our Rates and Insurance page or reach out to us for more information.

How much does it cost for relational therapy?

Relational therapy costs the same as any other therapy session.  If you have questions about our specific rates, please contact us!

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