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Unbelievable, life changing and I cannot stress that enough. This is a place where you are understood, where you are made to feel comfortable, and there is nothing you can't talk about because it may feel "too far out there". They listen, they genuinely listen, they genuinely care, and the place has amazing energy. Safety... I strongly implore everybody even considering it to just make the first appointment and go. Life will no longer be the same. Go on, do it.

My favorite thing about going to this psychological services office is the initial on boarding process for new patients. I liked that there was an initial appointment with a doctor who then matched you with a long term doctor based on each patients specific needs. Everyone was very nice and flexible with my work schedule. I am very happy with my experience here!

I met Dr. Saad for a consultation when I was first seeking therapy. I had no idea what to expect, but she was very warm and welcoming, and helped introduce me to the idea of therapy. It was a bit overwhelming emotionally for my first exposure to therapy, but a great first step. She then matched me with someone in her practice who I felt was incredibly helpful in guiding me towards my personal goals

This Qigong class is the first i have ever taken. I will say it has been a life changing experience me, not in the sense that i have had a profound change in my life, mood, character or habits at all but in the way in which it added one of the most effective tools to my ways of dealing with my anxiety, depression and focusing issues. Qigong works! It works for everyone and has clear effects even just two movements into it. Most importantly it has severely healed my mind-body disconnect.

I had a great first session with Dr. Saade. I decided to start therapy virtually during the COVID outbreak, and although hesitant at first, Dr. Saade made me feel very comfortable and the session was extremely beneficial to me.

Outstanding - would highly recommend. attentive, highly skilled, accessible by email/phone/text, flexible, provides personalized care to meet individual needs

Dr. Saad is amazingly quick at spotting the issue at hand. She is empathetic, charming, genuine and exceptionally skilled, especially after seeing a few other practitioners. Thank you Dr. Saad.

Having never been in therapy before I wasn’t sure what to expect, but our session was very helpful and gave me a clear path forward.

Picked up on things very quickly. Great analysis.