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I am looking forward to treatment. I felt the initial meeting went well and she understood me.

Clear explanations. Got right to the heart of the issue in the initial screening. Very competent.

Dr. Saad has been very helpful to myself and my family. She is skilled and professional during sessions and gives immediate advice which is important.

I was nervous about my first visit but Dr. Saad made me feel so comfortable, would definitely recommend!

Dr. Saad was great at giving lots of information in a short time period. She was very helpful in quickly coming to a consensus about what was going wrong in my life and how we would work to fix it. She has a different approach to most therapists that I believe will be beneficial to me as I continue to seek therapy. While I'm sad she can't be my permanent therapist, she is very good at setting you up with someone who will understand what you need and be able to work with you on your issues.

Dr Saad is extremely insightful and intuitive. I got more out of 1 session with her than many sessions with other psychologists. I would highly recommend her.

Forever grateful for finding Dr. Saad! Her thoughtful approach to understanding new clientele in order to match them appropriately with her staff is is truly unparalleled. The relationship that I have built with my therapist over just 6 short months has helped improve my life drastically.

My session with Dr. Saad was incredibly insightful. In a short amount of time, she was able to pinpoint areas that have been a source of pain, but which I had not previously considered. I appreciated her holistic approach of taking mind, body, and spirit into account. I would highly recommend for anyone to get a consultation with her to get a better understanding of themselves.

I had my first appointment with Dr. Yasmine Saad today. She knew exactly what to ask and quickly understood what is going on. I usually never show emotions. However, Dr. Saad made me feel very comfortable and is an amazing listener. She could explain what was going on in my mind and what struggles I have in a more accurate way than I ever could. She really knows what she is doing! She recommended me a therapist based on my needs