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Dr. Saad is amazingly quick at spotting the issue at hand. She is empathetic, charming, genuine and exceptionally skilled, especially after seeing a few other practitioners. Thank you Dr. Saad.

Having never been in therapy before I wasn’t sure what to expect, but our session was very helpful and gave me a clear path forward.

Picked up on things very quickly. Great analysis.

Very nice atmosphere, and strong ability to understand

Don't know how they figured it out but their consultations and professionals are the best.

Dr. Yasmine was very attentive and genuine during our first visit. After going through a miscarriage I felt the urgent need to talk to a professional and seek ways to deal with it. She helped shed light and pin point areas that needed improvement and needed adjustments to my thought process. I left feeling at ease and positive. I look forward to implementing and digesting all the feddback she gave me.

I have been looking for a therapist for months and have seen a few and nothing has compared to even just my first appointment with Dr. Saad. I felt like she really understood what I had to say and listened without judgement. She give me an very accurate diagnosis that I have been looking for and trying to understand so hearing her input and explanation was a sigh of relief. I am so happy that I found Dr. Saad and her team, the process has been easy and overall a positive experience.

Dr Saad was engaging, insightful and assisted me to truly understand what I was going through. She has a very open approach and intuitively encouraged me to recognise the various "negative" thought processes that were unfolding for me and how they affect me. I highly recommend Dr. Saad and encourage anyone who wants to help themselves to make the first step and meet with her.

Dr. Saad nailed my mind and issues in the first session. It was pretty mind blowing. I love her holistic approach. She matched me with a therapist that would meet my needs, and gave me a referral for an Eastern medicine accupuncturist. I feel very optimistic about where this treatment will take me.