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Dr.Saad seems to be a warm and sincere individual and my initial consultation with her was pleasant and helpful. She was able to pinpoint the problems that I have and the root of my problem. She was also able to accurately describe my internal feeling. I also like that she incorporates the five elements of nature into her practice to help her clients to reconnect with nature. I will be going back to see the therapist she referred me to hopefully that person will be just as good as Dr.Saad :) - Rachel

Dr Saad is everything you can ask for in a therapist. Calm, understanding and deep thinking. She was amazing to talk to and made efforts to present her simplistic perspective on many untangled topics for me. At the end of the session, I walked out with a certain degree of certainty to act on my emotions and behavior. I also walked out with a list of practical changes in perspectives to look at complex issues.

I have only done the initial diagnosis meeting so far, but they absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way. Dr. Saad is very in tune with body language and can pick up on the smallest cues to give a sophisticated answer to any question and insight as to what options are available to fix them. I highly recommend at least going to the consultation meeting even if you are not sure if therapy is worth it or not.