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The therapists at Madison Park Psychological helped change my life. I had tried therapy and medication in the past to no avail and sought their help after being in the throes of a deep depression for years. It wasn't until I was paired with a therapist who finally understood me that the fog of depression started to lift. It's been the best investment I've made in myself, ever. They really do an amazing job at matching you with the best therapist for you and your needs. This is definitely a special practice and they deserve all the kudos they receive.

Unbelievable, life changing and I cannot stress that enough. This is a place where you are understood, where you are made to feel comfortable, and there is nothing you can't talk about because it may feel "too far out there". They listen, they genuinely listen, they genuinely care, and the place has amazing energy. Safety... I strongly implore everybody even considering it to just make the first appointment and go. Life will no longer be the same. Go on, do it.

Madison Park is very professional, respectful and flexible in all my interactions with them. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!

Very professional practice that takes the matching process very seriously. Therapy is in a professional environment and convenient location.

Yasmine Saad is a very dedicated therapist with real human qualities. She has helped me lot seeing things in a different perspective and being more connected to my emotions. What I like about Yasmine Saad's approach is that she combines her professionnal skills with her intuition and her open-mindedness. Thank you so much Yasmine! You helped me see the sunshine being the clouds and now I feel more confident and connected in my life.

As a psychiatrist living in New York City, friends will often ask me where they should go for psychotherapy. I always feel great when they take my recommendation to go see Dr. Saad. Highly inteligent, caring and able to draw on a deep knowledge of psychology, she is among the finest (if not the finest) therapists in New York.

Dr. Saad is an exceptional, competent, caring and compassionate psychologist. I have worked with her and have referred her a number of patients who failed in previous treatments whom she has successfully treated.

I cannot praise Dr. Saad enough. She is a nice, well-rounded person and a gifted psychotherapist. She is also extremely bright and speaks many languages. In terms of her clinical style, Dr. Saad is warm, flexible, and truly connects to her patients on a deep and personal level. She helps her patients to regain emotional balance and to re-engage fully in their lives. This is in part because she cares so much, but also because she has excellent training in psychology and has amassed an outstanding clinical skill-set. Dr. Saad sticks it out with people, even when they are hesitant to engage in mental health treatment. She helps motivated patients as well as the skeptics to engage in treatment and make positive changes in their lives. Dr. Saad is an outstanding psychologist and I would recommend her to anyone, without hesitation, including those who don’t believe seeing a psychologist will help or those who have seen other mental health clinician’s previously. Dr. Saad has a gift for healing and I’ve seen her work magic in the lives of people whom I know well.

Dr. Saad and Dr. Dominguez have helped me to completely transform my life. Thank you again for all of your hard work and insight