I cannot praise Dr. Saad enough. She is a nice, well-rounded person and a gifted psychotherapist. She is also extremely bright and speaks many languages. In terms of her clinical style, Dr. Saad is warm, flexible, and truly connects to her patients on a deep and personal level. She helps her patients to regain emotional balance and to re-engage fully in their lives. This is in part because she cares so much, but also because she has excellent training in psychology and has amassed an outstanding clinical skill-set. Dr. Saad sticks it out with people, even when they are hesitant to engage in mental health treatment. She helps motivated patients as well as the skeptics to engage in treatment and make positive changes in their lives. Dr. Saad is an outstanding psychologist and I would recommend her to anyone, without hesitation, including those who don’t believe seeing a psychologist will help or those who have seen other mental health clinician’s previously. Dr. Saad has a gift for healing and I’ve seen her work magic in the lives of people whom I know well.