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Extremely In touch. She was able to understand so many deep aspects of my experience within minutes of meeting. She prioritized my well-being over "selling me" on them. I am deeply grateful for all of the insights I received.

Very discerning and able to paint a picture. I found the initial consultation with Dr. Saad very impressive. She was able to listen to my ramblings and very quickly paint a quick picture of some of the issues I'm experiencing and help me to understand myself in a different light. She has a very warm and trusting demeanor, and I look forward to future sessions with the psychologist she has matched me with.

Dr. Saad is brilliant! Dr. Saad listens carefully and offers a clean actionable plan for how to move forward!

I met Dr. Saad for a consultation when I was first navigating the process of starting therapy, I met Dr. Saad for a consultation when I was first seeking therapy. I had no idea what to expect, but she was very warm and welcoming, and helped introduce me to the idea of therapy. It was a bit overwhelming emotionally for my first exposure to therapy, but a great first step. She then matched me with someone in her practice who I felt was incredibly helpful in guiding me towards my personal goals