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Great experience. Very informative for a 1st session

Do it. Unbelievable, life changing and I cannot stress that enough. This is a place where you are understood, where you are made to feel comfortable, and there is nothing you can't talk about because it may feel "too far out there". They listen, they genuinely listen, they genuinely care, and the place has amazing energy. Safey... I strongly implore everybody even considering it to just make the first appointment and go. Life will no longer be the same. Go on, do it.

A sigh of relief. I have been looking for a therapist for months and have seen a few and nothing has compared to even just my first appointment with Dr. Saad. I felt like she really understood what I had to say and listened without judgement. She give me an very accurate diagnosis that I have been looking for and trying to understand so hearing her input and explanation was a sigh of relief. I am so happy that I found Dr. Saad and her team, the process has been easy and overall a positive experience.

See things so much clearer. Felt very comfortable and really listened to what I was saying. Felt like she knew me for a long time.

Feeling more at peace already. I was really hopeful about how this therapy session would go, and I was not disappointed. When you're feeling an intense, all-consuming amount of emotions, it's difficult to imagine that one therapy session will be helpful, but Dr. Saad listened to me so intently, letting me fully speak without any hint of interruption. She really understood my emotions and the current state I'm in, and gave me feedback and insights that I never took into consideration prior to our session. She provided different ways of thinking about my current situation that are making me open up my mind to other possibilities and even seeing a brighter path forward. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is going through difficult times and needs help overcoming hardship.

Highly recommend. Dr. Saad nailed my mind and issues in the first session. It was pretty mind blowing. I love her holistic approach. She matched me with a therapist that would meet my needs, and gave me a referral for an Eastern medicine accupuncturist. I feel very optimistic about where this treatment will take me.

Great. Picked up on things very quickly. Great analysis.

Gave great insight. Dr. Saad gave very good insight on my condition. She was willing to take the time to listen to my concerns and recommend a good treatment plan tailored to my specific needs. She also gave me referrals to places that would best help me with feeling better. She was also very kind and insightful.

She has an incredible ability to listen and understand people. On my first visit with Dr. Saad, she understood my background and was to provide appropriate care for me. I felt an immediate connection to her, which was something I never quite established with my previous psychologist despite several months of visits.