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Exceptional, I had my initial consultation with Dr Saad and it really exceeded my expectations. I have talked to many therapists in the past however never made it to the second appointment as I did not feel there is an understanding of what I am explaining. This was the first time that Dr Saad was clearly able to explain my situation, symptoms and bringing up situations that I could very well related too. I also really appreciated her hollistic approach and spiritual mindset. Looking forward to my next appointment.

I felt heard and optimistic about this practice being honest with me, I started during a unique time of corona virus and had doubt about the ability to get a worthwhile experience with a video session but those concerns were quickly alleviated. They listen but also engage in a thoughtful and eye opening manner that is a breath of fresh air during these uncertain times

Wasn't sure what to expect. I knew I needed help but wasn't sure how talking to someone would provide it. During my consultation I became excited as I started to share my thoughts and learn that someone could help me navigate them. It felt easy and safe to explore. I am looking forward to healing and I am happy that I found THIS practice to do it with.

Great First Session. Dr. Saad was great at giving lots of information in a short time period. She was very helpful in quickly coming to a consensus about what was going wrong in my life and how we would work to fix it. She has a different approach to most therapists that I believe will be beneficial to me as I continue to seek therapy. While I'm sad she can't be my permanent therapist, she is very good at setting you up with someone who will understand what you need and be able to work with you on your issues.

Good Experience. I am looking forward to treatment. I felt the initial meeting went well and she understood me.

Extremely adept at immediate assessment. Very nice atmosphere, and strong ability to understand.

Great experience! Would recommend to friends and family. My favorite thing about going to this psychological services office is the initial on boarding process for new patients. I liked that there was an initial appointment with a doctor who then matched you with a long term doctor based on each patients specific needs. Everyone was very nice and flexible with my work schedule. I am very happy with my experience here!

Dr. Yasmine Saad is amazing. I had my first appointment with Dr. Yasmine Saad today. She knew exactly what to ask and quickly understood what is going on. I usually never show emotions. However, Dr. Saad made me feel very comfortable and is an amazing listener. She could explain what was going on in my mind and what struggles I have in a more accurate way than I ever could. She really knows what she is doing! She recommended me a therapist based on my needs

Insightful experience. My session with Dr. Saad was incredibly insightful. In a short amount of time, she was able to pinpoint areas that have been a source of pain, but which I had not previously considered. I appreciated her holistic approach of taking mind, body, and spirit into account. I would highly recommend for anyone to get a consultation with her to get a better understanding of themselves.