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Dr. Yasmine is a wonderful Psychologist and helped me to understand and shed light on the issues that I was experiencing. I highly recommend seeing her if you having difficulty finding the right answers and treatment for your needs.

Dr. Saad has a very pleasant way of dissecting difficult areas and explaining recommendations for a course of action. Congratulations Dr. Saad on your 2015 Award! Well deserved! Renee

Dr. Saad is a tremendously gifted psychologist, very intuitive, observant, and comforting. I haven't seen the person from her practice she recommended yet, but hope to have the same experience.

She listened and gave an intuitive, informative and actionable response to our conversation. I really appreciate her direct and thoughtful approach which made issues that earlier seemed impossible now seem completely manageable. To be honest, I left feeling very hopeful. She seems fully capable of providing excellent guidance and support. Very enjoyable to be around. Honestly nothing I can criticize. She was perfect.

She was extremely pleasant and was able to quickly identify the type of treatment I needed. She doesn't make you feel embarrassed to be there and as someone who is very selective of their doctors I would highly recommend her.