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I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Khadivi! His initial consultation was enlightening! I felt understood right away and knew I was in good hands. He matched me with a therapist at Madison Park Psychological Services whom I love. I only had 2 sessions with her and I already feel in such a different place from where I was. I have not had a panic attack and not felt as much down as I did. A friend referred me to this practice and I am so grateful! I will be recommending Dr. Khadivi and Madison Park Psychological Services!

My appointment with Dr. Saad was incredible. In the first few minutes of us speaking i already felt like she understood me and saw me and knew exactly what i was going through. With that said, she was able to pinpoint exactly some of the things i need to work on....she drew the pieces together so quickly and easily and worked with me to come up with a plan of actions. I have kissed a lot of frogs to find the right fit and i finally feel like i am in good hands. I encourage everybody to meet with Dr. Saad. Just even one appointment is life changing. You will see what i mean!!

I have seen many therapists, no one understood and helped me like Dr. Khadivi. Highly recommended.

She was extremely pleasant and was able to quickly identify the type of treatment I needed. She doesn't make you feel embarrassed to be there and as someone who is very selective of their doctors I would highly recommend her.

She is so easy to talk with! Her supporting team is also extremely strong.

I had an amazing initial consultation with Dr. Khadivi. You can tell he is a highly experienced therapist! I felt understood right away and he was able to identify the intricacies of my problems and provided amazingly helpful insight. He proceeded to match me with a therapist at Madison Park Psychological Services who has also been tremendously helpful. I had consulted many therapists in the past, Dr. Khadivi and the therapist he matched me with are from a different league. I have sent friends to him and Madison Park Psychological Services and they are all as happy as I am. Highly recommended!

Dr. Saad is an amazing doctor! She is brilliant! I have seen many therapists throughout the years and no one has helped me the way she did! I owe her a big time! She changed my life and I am extremely grateful!

My initial consultation with Dr. Saad was great. I had an objective when I met with her and she met that objective. I was a little disappointed when I learned that she would not be my regular therapist as her role was to understand the issues I was facing and then match me with the best person in her practice. I also didn’t realize she was out of network but decided to work with me. She was 1 of 3 people I’ve seen over the years and now I am decided to see the folks in her practice regularly. The consult fee is well worth it. She was very tuned into what my problems and concerns were and how I can better address them by recognizing root-cause. Overall I recommend going to see her. You’ll get your life back on track or prevent it from derailing.

Extremely helpful, professional, and informative. Definitely recommend!