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Dr. Saad actually listens and is extremely experienced and intuitive, she had my personality pegged within minutes of our session and knew exactly what my painpoints were. I very much liked the combination of eastern healing recommendations/referrals in addition to the talk therapy. It feels like an all encompassing mind/spirit therapy and healing session.

I was really hopeful about how this therapy session would go, and I was not disappointed. When you're feeling an intense, all-consuming amount of emotions, it's difficult to imagine that one therapy session will be helpful, but Dr. Saad listened to me so intently, letting me fully speak without any hint of interruption. She really understood my emotions and the current state I'm in, and gave me feedback and insights that I never took into consideration prior to our session. She provided different ways of thinking about my current situation that are making me open up my mind to other possibilities and even seeing a brighter path forward. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is going through difficult times and needs help overcoming hardship.

I knew I needed help but wasn't sure how talking to someone would provide it. During my consultation I became excited as I started to share my thoughts and learn that someone could help me navigate them. It felt easy and safe to explore. I am looking forward to healing.

Today was my first consultation with Dr.Saad and my first impression was very positive. She took time to review my situation and gave me referrals to her colleague and to combine it with adjunct alternative holistic therapy .