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Dr. Saad and her team are amazing. I felt comfortable right from the start, but never expected that I would be able to undergo the major transformation that I did with my therapist's help. My therapist was warm, understanding and insightful. I highly recommend Dr. Saad and her team!!

Dr Saad is amazing! She is warm, insightful and gets it! I loved my initial consult with her and got so much out of it! She referred me to a psychologist on her team who specialized in the treatment of anxiety. Let me tell you, I love my therapist! She has been so helpful and effective in helping me. I cannot believe how much better I feel! I highly recommend this place for therapy. They are really good!

You can stop looking now. Yasmine is one of the most intuitive and supportive people I have ever met. She has been such a blessing in my life and she is incredibly inspiring. Lucky you for finding her.

Forever grateful for finding Dr. Saad! Her thoughtful approach to understanding new clientele in order to match them appropriately with her staff is is truly unparalleled.

It was my first visit to a phycologist in my life. Dr. Yasmine made me feel like home. Beautiful spacious office..tastefully decorated. It was important to me because I'm a visual, creative person and believe in energies. Dr. Yasmine is such a good listener, she was "not looking at the clock"... But carefully guiding me trough. Everything she said was right on point. It was a pleasure to be in such a care. She gave me steps I needed to begin the process of healing and things were never the same after that. I went to acupuncture, start following positive forums. I don't believe in quick fix so seeing great specialist on the regular bases is very important :)

I have not had a session with Dr. Saad, but I've had the pleasure of working with her for the past couple of months pretty much daily. She chose me to help her with creating a new website and other work she needs for her wildly successful psychology practice in New York. Working with her has been a great experience, even though we have to make some hard decisions sometimes about which direction we should take on certain elements of our project. She's been great with asking for revisions, not settling until it's just right, and coming up with new ideas. I can highly recommend working with her!

I've had the pleasure of going to Madison Park for a few years now and more recently working directly with Dr. Saad. I can say with confidence her perspective and approach to therapy has changed my life and continues to help me find peace in my own personal journey. I would recommend her and the practice to anyone!

It was absolutely a pleasure to meet with Dr.Saad. Our initial consultation was very impressive. She listened to me very carefully and made me so comfortable. She quickly analyzed my personality and she even told me some of the problems i was facing before i mentioned. I look forward to our upcoming sessions with the therapist she matched me with. Highly recommend her and the team.