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In an advance of my first appointment, Dr. Saad provided exceptional guidance and information on practical matters, including cost, and her observations throughout my first teletherapy session were both thoughtful and insightful.

Dr. Saad and the therapists in her practice are outstanding! I referred friends to Dr. Saad and everyone had unbelievable results with the therapists in her practice. I love that she has a holistic approach. The therapist she matched me with has helped me so much, I cannot be more grateful! Thank you!

I highly recommend Dr. Saad and her team at Madison Park Psychological Services! I was a bit apprehensive about starting therapy though teletherapy / video sessions but Dr. Saad made it so easy from the minute I talked to her on the phone to schedule my appointment. Her initial consultation through teletherapy (video therapy) was eye opening! I learned more about myself than in my past years of therapy. I was blown away! She then matched me with a therapist at Madison Park Psychological Services whom I love. My therapist has helped me heal myself and I can say that in just 4 sessions, I am less anxious and feel so much better! I highly recommend you reach out to this practice and try teletherapy. It has been so effective for me!

Dr Saad and her team of psychologists are amazing! I love the concept: meeting with a senior psychologist who will design and tailor a treatment for me and then pick the best psychologist for me!I first had an initial consult with Dr. Saad and I got so much out of it. She understood me right away and picked a psychologist in her practice who would be best for me. I then met with my therapist and she was great! She has been so helpful! It is so hard to find a good therapist and it was such a relief to find someone good for me. I was so happy that I referred friends and family members. We all got different therapists and think wonders about Dr Saad's team. I think that this is the best place to seek therapy!

My experience with Dr. Saad and the therapist she recommended for me exceeded my expectations in every way. With their help I was able to become more aware of my issues and as a result make great changes in my life. My therapist was caring, insightful and warm. I highly recommend Dr. Saad and her team!!

Dr. Khadivi is an amazing therapist! He was able to identify the issues at play in such an accurate way and gave me practical advice. I highly recommend him both for an initial assessment and therapy!

Forever grateful for finding Dr. Saad! Her thoughtful approach to understanding new clientele in order to match them appropriately with her staff is is truly unparalleled. The relationship that I have built with my therapist over just 6 short months has helped improve my life drastically.

The therapy is very tailored and personalized to you. I also find that the practice cares more about your health and progress than about running out the clock. I recommend her to everyone I know.

If you need to see a professional, make sure you go to the best. Dr. Saad is the best. Very insightful. Very thoughtful. Combines mental health and wellness from all schools of thought. Not your out-of-the-box therapist or practice.